December 19, 2017

WSG #40 Top 10 Places to Get Buffalo Wings In Boston

Ten Great Places to get Buffalo Wings in Boston and North


While the annual rumors that we’re running out of wings simply aren’t true, wings have indeed become the most expensive part of the chicken due to their popularity when fried and covered in buffalo sauce.  Few of us realize, though, that less than 50 years ago, wings were considered one of the least desirable cuts of the chicken, a throwaway part often cooked into stock.


Frank and Teressa Bellissimo, who founded the Anchor bar in Buffalo, NY in 1939, have said that the invention involved a mistake.  Chicken wings were delivered, instead of necks, which the family typically used when cooking up spaghetti sauce. To avoid wasting the wings, Frank asked Teressa to concoct a bar appetizer; the result was the wing we know today.

Teressa cut each wing in half to produce a “drumstick” and a “flat,” that she deep-fried without breading and covered them in a hot sauce.  She served them with celery (from the house antipasto) and blue cheese salad dressing. They became popular within weeks throughout the city, where they were (and are still) simply called “wings” or “chicken wings.”




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